This is the online version of the second edition of Modern Statistics with R. It is free to use, and always will be. Printed copies are available from CRC Press.

Live online courses on statistics with R based on this book, led by the author, are offered regularly; see this page for more information and dates.

The past decades have transformed the world of statistical data analysis, with new methods, new types of data, and new computational tools. The aim of Modern Statistics with R is to introduce you to key parts of the modern statistical toolkit. It teaches you:

  • Data wrangling - importing, formatting, reshaping, merging, and filtering data in R.
  • Exploratory data analysis - using visualisations and multivariate techniques to explore datasets.
  • Statistical inference - modern methods for testing hypotheses and computing confidence intervals.
  • Predictive modelling - regression models and machine learning methods for prediction, classification, and forecasting.
  • Simulation - using simulation techniques for sample size computations and evaluations of statistical methods.
  • Ethics in statistics - ethical issues and good statistical practice.
  • R programming - writing code that is fast, readable, and (hopefully!) free from bugs.

The book includes plenty of examples and more than 200 exercises with worked solutions. The datasets used for the examples and the exercises can be downloaded here.

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  • Thulin, M. (2024). Modern Statistics with R. Second edition. CRC Press. ISBN 9781032512440.